Callan These Days

Family + Baby

If you follow me on Instagram, you’ve probably seen my monthly updates on Callan but ever since she turned one I stopped placing her next to a number made with flowers because lets face it, theres no way she would lay down for a picture, I can hardly get one that isn’t blurry these days! Just because I don’t take those pictures anymore doesn’t mean I can’t keep you guys updated on what she’s doing though! So, for all those who are wondering, heres what my 16 month old Callan Paisley has been up to!

  1. She can show you were her ears, nose, belly button, eyes, hair, and teeth are and will probably point them out on you as well.
  2. Says dog, dada, mama, eye and will blow you kisses and wave as you leave or if she’s tired as in “bye I’m going to sleep now” haha
  3. Is getting teeth all over the place, lots of back teeth and now the front ones are starting to catch up.
  4. Obsessed with the movie Frozen, her buggy car, playing outside and exploring in the grass and dirt. Every time we go for a walk she stops and picks up these spiky ball things that fall from the neighbors tree. She also loves her baby doll, Winnie the Pooh, and an old Mickey Mouse stuffed animal that used to be my sisters when she was a baby. Even though Callan has all the toys in the world, she isn’t very good at sharing them with others.
  5. Always busy in her kitchen making all kinds of food and drinking tea. Callan will even takes her plates and pretend to wash them in the sink ! She always takes her plates to our dog Bear, and sets up a little picnic for the two of them (its so cute!).
  6. Loves to read but kind of has book ADD and can never wait to Finnish the book we are reading before she grabs another.
  7. Points out any dog and cat she sees and tries to pet and hug them. She waves to people as they pass, even in cars.
  8. She goes back and forth between being a total snacker and being hungry all day to being a very dainty eater and not wanting to eat anything. Although, she is always up for pizza and mac n’ cheese…must get it from her mama 😉 When she does eat she likes couscous, peas, chicken, yogurt, pancakes, and any kind of fruit.
  9. Still doesn’t have very much hair and is still just an itty bitty thing. She weights in at a whopping 17 pounds and usually wears size 6-12.
  10. Loves to dance and run around but hates to sleep, but whats new?
  11. Callan can wink and if Dom says “mess with the bull, you get the horns” she will make horns with her hands and put them on top of her head. She is working on snapping and making a peace sign.
  12. Whenever she finds money on the floor or around the house she will pick it up and take it to her piggy bank, put it in and start to clap. She’s very proud of herself and so are we !

Processed with VSCO with m5 preset


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