A Baby in a Big Girls Bed

Family + Baby

When I was pregnant with my daughter Callan, I would just imagine her sleeping sweetly in her crib, so peaceful and innocent. I would also dream about the day she would once be too big for her crib and would have to sleep in a beautiful little girls bed, surrounded by her friends all stuffed with fluff, growing more and more each day into a little girl, and looking less like a baby. Little did I know, these days may come sooner than I thought or even wanted.

Callan has been sleeping in her own crib, in her own bed throughout the night for quit some time now, but the past few nights she has been waking up around 1 a.m. So, after a few nights of going in to check on her and putting her back to sleep, I decided I was going to just let her cry it out and hopefully these mid-night wake ups will be put to an end. This night seemed different though, all of a sudden her cries turned into screams ! I figured something must be wrong, so I went to go get her and when I got to her door, to my surprise there was Callan, standing at my feet just waiting for some one to come in! She some how figured a way out of her crib, even from the lowest it could go ! I immediately picked her up and told Dominick what happened. We were both just so shocked that she did that and didn’t know what to do. We checked her to make sure she wasn’t hurt or had broken anything, and thank god she didn’t have a scratch on her. Callan ended up sleeping the rest of the night in bed with us because we didn’t want to risk getting hurt if she tried to get out of her crib again.

In the morning, we put her back into her crib to see if she would try to get out so we could see how she did it, but instead she laid right down, all snuggled up with her blanket so happy to be there. Which by the way never happens, she usually hates being in her crib if she’s not sleeping. She probably didn’t mind being in there because now she knows that she’s not stuck and can get herself out ! Me and Dominick talked it over some more and decided that we should just transition her into her own kids bed and out of her crib. We don’t want her to hurt herself trying to get out, it’s a really big fall for such a little girl ! So now we are on the look out for a cute little bed for our little tiny girl.

I didn’t think that I would actually be sad to see her crib be gone and a bed in its place, but I think it makes her seem so much older now and not my little baby girl. I never want to rush her to get to the next milestone or have her do something she isn’t ready for, but with this I don’t think we have a choice. I’ll be heart broken to see her growing up so fast, but I know ill sleep so much better knowing she is safer.


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