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Family + Baby

Callan started her ballet lessons today, and when I say lessons I mean lots of ribbon twirling, toe tapping, and dancing around. My heart pretty much turned into a puddle the second me got her dressed in her little leotard (that was huge on her tiny little body by the way) and tights. It’s like all of a sudden she’s turning into this little girl! It was so cute seeing her play and interact with all the other girls, having so much fun. Im going to be honest, me and Dom were pretty nervous for how it was going to go, we were afraid she was going to be so shy and not want to participate in anything but she was totally loving everything! Although, I myself was not prepared for dance class today. We were the first ones there, just to make sure she was all checked in and everything, so I was sitting on the benches they had for the parents, then all the moms and their kids starting trickling in. I had noticed that all the other moms were in workout attire, but I just thought it was just a quo incidence, until we started the class. It was pretty much a mommy and me ballet lesson, which its totally fine and I don’t really think the teacher could handle all the girls that age by herself anyway, but it was definitely not the day to wear your tight skinny  jeans, let me tell you (haha). We had so much fun though and Callan really enjoyed herself, we can’t wait to go back!


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