Love Thy Roommate

Family + Baby

As some of you may know, Dominick was away at school while I was pregnant with our daughter, Callan, and for the first six months after she was born. When he would come home we would either sleep at my moms or his grandparents. It was always a treat to have him home since it didn’t happen very often, so when it did we treated it like a vacation. Well, Dominick is done with school and back home and well lets just say…vacation is over.

Before Callan, we slept at each others house most nights during the week but actually living together all the time is a whole other ball game. Even though, we’ve almost been living together for almost a year, there are still new things that I learn all the time about how he lives. For example, I didn’t know that he only likes sleeping with a blanket as a pillow at night but he was only using a pillow because of me! It wasn’t until I asked him why he would always tear apart all the covers and sheets at night that he finally told me he prefers to sleep with his blankets as pillows. I know, I don’t really get it either, but then again I don’t even like sleeping with any pillows so who am I to judge (haha). It’s not just Dom though, I have my little quirks too. I have always been someone who needs a little bit of light when they sleep, even if it’s just from the bathroom door. But, ever since I got a t.v. in my room, I’ve usually just gotten into the habit of falling asleep to the t.v.; Dom hates that I do that. I’m usually the one to go to bed first, so he will turn it off when he goes to bed but for me, that was a really hard habit to break. It has taken me a while to get used to just going to bed with no light/sound from the t.v. or the bathroom light. Turning the bathroom light on in our room isn’t even an option since it is a sensor light that turn off when you leave the room and the fan turns on every time the lights on so it gets pretty loud. So, we both have our little things that we do that we didn’t really realize before. It was so funny, the first time I came over to Dominick’s house, his room was spotless! All the clothes were put away, all the shelves organized, bathroom counters all wiped clean, you wouldn’t believe a boy lived in there! Then after I moved in, and as time went on, I realized that that was all just to impress me.

Living together is fun and its so great getting to wake up next to each other everyday but I have to say it is definitely a game charger and it takes a lot of compromising. I thought I knew what living with Dom would be like since we have slept over at each others houses so many times but its totally different, not to mention add a baby in the mix! We have had to grow up so fast, as individuals and in our relationship that we are still trying to figure out how to do everything and sometimes that can be a real challenge. No matter how hard it gets though, I am so happy I get to go through it with Dom. He is an amazing dad to our daughter and such a supportive boyfriend, with whatever I do, he’s always my number one fan and I will always be his. Even though it may not always be easy living together, I can’t wait to do it for the rest of our lives.


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