Joshua Tree Unplugged


Have you ever felt like you are just stuck in your everyday routine in life and you just need some adventure? Well, I was feeling it big time and was aching for fresh open air, away from reality for even just a weekend to push that refresh button. I also think that with all the responsibilities and stress that I have, especially at my age right now, I forget to have fun and go on adventures every now and then. I was way overdue for some excitement in my life and needed to change things up a bit.

So, I told my friend Ashley that I needed to get away for a couple days and she was on board ! That weekend we packed up our stuff and headed to Joshua Tree, a place I have always wanted to go. About 30 minutes into our drive we were thinking of other places we could stop while we were at it, and I figured Salvation Mountain wasn’t too far from us either, so we changed course and decided to head there first ! It was the most amazing and interesting place I have ever been.

So many colors, bible verses and positive messages written everywhere. There were even cats living in all the man made caves built from hay stacks and what people left at the salvage yard nearby. After we got to explore for a while, we were back on the road en route to Joshua Tree National Park.




Once we were about two hours away, we lost phone service so we were out of contact with everyone. It was seriously so nice and relaxing not having to worry about anything going on at home. Thats why we called our trip Joshua Tree Unplugged !DSC_0143

On the way to our camp site in Jumbo Rock, we pass the Cholla Gardens which is full of these Cholla cactuses that you just want to hug, they look so soft but don’t because ouch ! Also, this area is home to lots and lots of bees so heads up if you go. DSC_0150DSC_0180DSC_0164DSC_0248DSC_0194DSC_0262About a mile or so from our campsite, we came across this meditation garden someone made from rocks nearby. It was so awesome, and people left other positive words, pictures and initials they made from rocks when they were there too !DSC_0272DSC_0342

The highlight of our trip has to be climbing to the top of one of the tallest rocks literally at our camp site and watching the sunset over these beautiful mountains in such an amazing space. Being out there made me feel so small in nature. At home sometimes we forget how much bigger the world is than whats around us. DSC_0293DSC_0311DSC_0352

Ended our night with a campfire and of course wine. Me and Ashley haven’t had a chance to hangout like we used to in high school since we graduated, until now. She lives all the way in long Beach and is always so busy with work  and I’m so busy with Cal or school that its hard to get together but I’m so glad she came with me. I truly love and appreciate those friendships that you have where you don’t have to talk to the person everyday, yet nothings changed when you do. We didn’t ended up going to bed until 1:30 in the morning we were talking and catching up for so long, time just got away from us.DSC_0354DSC_0398

Our last day we got up, made our coffee over the fire, packed up camp and headed onward to our next hike. I have to say, we got pretty good at reading a map and navigating our way through the area. I was very proud of ourselves, considering I have never been good at using a map unless its on my phone haha! DSC_0384DSC_0388DSC_0399DSC_0403DSC_0418DSC_0428

This trip made me feel so rejuvenated, independent and free. I realized that I need to start doing more things for myself, so I don’t loose myself. I am already planning my next trip now…whose with me?!


Courtney Paige Photography

Family + Baby

Me and Dominick had the honor of meeting the amazing Courtney Paige for a little couple session to capture me and Dom’s love story. We did one of our favorite things and got some coffee from one of the cutest places in San Juan then strolled through the neighborhood. After that, we hit the beach to capture those golden hour hues and share some salty kisses with sandy toes. Seriously though you guys, Courtney is probably one of the nicest, sweetest people I have ever met ! She made us feel so comfortable, it was like we were hanging out with an old friend. I cannot wait to have her take some more with Callan next time !AudreyandDom-6636AudreyandDom-6653AudreyandDom-6693AudreyandDom-6750AudreyandDom-6738AudreyandDom-6741AudreyandDom-6732AudreyandDom-6827AudreyandDom-6819AudreyandDom-6796AudreyandDom-6800AudreyandDom-6852AudreyandDom-6886AudreyandDom-6878AudreyandDom-6915AudreyandDom-6960AudreyandDom-6978AudreyandDom-7035AudreyandDom-7039AudreyandDom-7115AudreyandDom-7382AudreyandDom-7149AudreyandDom-7153AudreyandDom-7186AudreyandDom-7647AudreyandDom-7484AudreyandDom-7491AudreyandDom-7312AudreyandDom-7331AudreyandDom-7508AudreyandDom-7403AudreyandDom-7515AudreyandDom-7602AudreyandDom-7612AudreyandDom-7546AudreyandDom-7660