Courtney Paige Photography

Family + Baby

Me and Dominick had the honor of meeting the amazing Courtney Paige for a little couple session to capture me and Dom’s love story. We did one of our favorite things and got some coffee from one of the cutest places in San Juan then strolled through the neighborhood. After that, we hit the beach to capture those golden hour hues and share some salty kisses with sandy toes. Seriously though you guys, Courtney is probably one of the nicest, sweetest people I have ever met ! She made us feel so comfortable, it was like we were hanging out with an old friend. I cannot wait to have her take some more with Callan next time !AudreyandDom-6636AudreyandDom-6653AudreyandDom-6693AudreyandDom-6750AudreyandDom-6738AudreyandDom-6741AudreyandDom-6732AudreyandDom-6827AudreyandDom-6819AudreyandDom-6796AudreyandDom-6800AudreyandDom-6852AudreyandDom-6886AudreyandDom-6878AudreyandDom-6915AudreyandDom-6960AudreyandDom-6978AudreyandDom-7035AudreyandDom-7039AudreyandDom-7115AudreyandDom-7382AudreyandDom-7149AudreyandDom-7153AudreyandDom-7186AudreyandDom-7647AudreyandDom-7484AudreyandDom-7491AudreyandDom-7312AudreyandDom-7331AudreyandDom-7508AudreyandDom-7403AudreyandDom-7515AudreyandDom-7602AudreyandDom-7612AudreyandDom-7546AudreyandDom-7660


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