Kantha Bae

Cloth + Style

I’m so stocked to announce that we have been chosen to be one of Kantha Bae’s brand enthusiasts ! I have absolutely loved the brand ever since it start & the story behind it. I’m all about supporting small shop mamas making their dreams come true, especially when their companies are giving back and helping others.

Kantha Bae has partnered with Basha Enterprise Ldt, a social business based in Bangladesh. Through dignified work, Basha provides a sustainable livelihood for women at risk and survivors of trafficking. Women gain job skills and the opportunity to develop into leaders and entrepreneurs in a healthy, healing, supportive environment. Basha exports hand made, boutique quality products around the world.

We were so lucky to receive one of their beautiful toodler swaddles, which Callan is in love with ! It’s light so it doesn’t make her too hot and it’s so soft she loves to snuggle up it in, especially for her naps. It’s easy to take with us, unlike most of her big bulky blankets. Not to mention it is so pretty ! We’ve received so many compliments and questions as to where we got it and how beautiful it is !

“Kantha Bae has partnered with Basha to create beautiful, safe baby carriers for you and your baby. We believe every mother has a story, and her story is as valuable as the baby she carries. Wrap your baby knowing you’ve helped to re-write the story of another woman, a story of life and hope.”

To learn more or shop Kantha Bae, head over to there website Here and browse their unique one of a kind products !


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