Callan These Days

Family + Baby
  • Talking like crazy, and slowly getting more and more understandable. My favorite is “snuggle you” and “I vee you”. Although, some still need some work, fox for example comes out as “F*$%”…
  • Favorite shoes to wear are her rain boots, that are too big but she still prefers them over any other shoe. Probably because she knows so can stomp in the mud and puddles in them without a care.
  • Tells everyone to “go sleep” so she can scare them awake but if you tell her to go to sleep, Callan pats her tummy, turns her head to the side and will tell you “no I go sleep” with a concerned look on her face.
  • Favorite food is blueberry “fuffins” aka muffins and if you offer her berries, chances are she will finish the entire container.
  • Loves to have detangler sprayed in her hair but will fight taking a bath or shower like her life depended on it.
  • Obsessed with disney princesses. Sometimes we can’t leave until all her pockets are stuffed with as many princesses as her jacket and hands can hold. Calls Pocahontas “Hummas” and Rapunzel is “Punzol”
  • Callan will wake me up by either softly patting my checks and saying “mama mama mama” or kissing my cheeks followed by “I vee you more” as in i love you more, which is literally the best way to wake up everyday!
  • We moved her kitchen into her room and ever since then she has been cooking up a storm and has turned into the best barista ever, always making me coffee!
  • Whenever Callan sees my essential oils, she wants to have them put on her. (We have kids friendly roll ons, don’t worry people) Then puts them on everyone else too.
  • Always trying to make me take my hair out of a pony tail or bun so she can play with it, which is pretty much one big knot but I love it.

Finally 2017


2016 seemed to be just one big punch in the face. We lost so many great people, I feel like so many have been divided due to the presidential elections, and just personally it was an overall tough year. So, I’m going into the new year full of hope and excited for change. I’ve jotted down some of my resolutions, because i believe change starts with ourselves and as one of my favorite quotes from Gandhi goes, “Be the change you wish to see in the world”. Some of these goals are for my health, my outlook on life and way of living. 

In 2017 I plan to…

1.) Get my butt back into shape. I know that’s such a cliche New Years resolution and usually only lasts for about a week or two but I really need to work on my physical health. Even just starting with a walk or jog in the morning, anything to get me moving. If I start doing that, hopefully I’ll have more energy for the rest of the day and start on a good note. Plus, a rockin’ bod wouldn’t be so bad either.

2.) Strengthen my relationship to God. My family has never been the ones who go to church every Sunday or anything. My grandparents sang in the choir and we would go every now and then to watch them but for the most part it wasn’t our usual. As I get older though, I have had this feeling that I need to become closer to God or a higher power, whatever you prefer. I’m trying to trust that he has a plan and that it’s much greater than mine, even when it’s hard.

3.) Read more books. Over this Christmas break I have had time to slow down for a bit and actually relax now that there isn’t school or work. I got a couple books for Christmas that I’ve been reading and it’s been so nice to actually set time out of the day for myself and actually get lost in a book. 

4.) Travel. This past year I took a camping trip with a friend to Joshua Tree and it was amazing! I had planned another camping trip to Big Sur but unfortunately those got cancelled due to land slide issues (damn you Mother Nature). But just getting out of my element and getting to explore is so liberating! One of my close friends just left to study abroad in Italy and found some really good flights to visit her! How fun would it be, to go around Italy with your best friend?! Also, my sister moved to New Orleans recently so my mom and sister are planning to see her in a couple months, I can’t wait! Those two trips and hopefully a few camping adventures under the stars are what I’m aiming for in 2017!

5.) This is a little far fetched but I would really like to try the whole minimal lifestyle. Less in more people. I really admire the people who only live what the necessities and don’t have all the extra crap we think we need. I’ve slowly been trying to go through my closet and let go of the things that I’ve held onto for so long because I might wear them someday. It’s been hard, and I’ve only started with my closet but I think once I realize that it’s pointless to hold onto so much stuff that we don’t need or use, and really declutter our lives I’ll feel so much better. Also, I’ll be able to save more if I stop buying things that aren’t essential. 

6.) Be present. I really want to be better about not being on my phone or thinking about all these other things instead of enjoying the people I’m with or what we are doing. Especially with Callan, she is so talkative these days and is growing up so fast that I really don’t want to miss a thing because I know these moments are fleeting fast.