Things I’m Afraid To Tell You…


When I read someone’s blog I like to read honest posts and more than just what they think people will like, I mean raw, personal, emotional real life stuff. I think they are so brave and are so much more interesting to read, they are usually the ones you can connect and relate to the most. I feel like I’ve done a pretty good job at keeping it real on here and being as honest as I can with you while still keeping some things personal and private about my life which I like (there’s a lot of unpublished drafts you guys will probably never read). But I was thinking about how I usually proof read my posts and make them pretty and nice for people to read, I figured what the hell, why not do a post about some of my inner most feelings that a lot of people don’t know about me, without sensoring any of them. It’s super scary but also feels so right, amiright ?! So with that said, here we go…

  • When I see girls my age with expensive clothes and traveling to places most people don’t get the chance to, I assume their parents or someone else is buying it for them because with the job they have it doesn’t make sense and they probably just got lucky. 
  • When people tell me how pretty I am, I always think there’s way prettier people in the room.
  •  Some days I feel like I’m completely and totally failing and my goals are way too far fetched for someone like me.
  • Sometimes I worry about what people think about me too much and sometime I’m worried I don’t care enough. 
  • I feel like I’ll never have enough money for the life I want, then I feel like I’m too materialistic because I like nice things.
  • When girls post provocative pictures on social media I assume they are insecure and looking for attention. 
  • If people knew how many slices of toast I eat on a daily basis it would shock you.
  • A lot of the time when people are rude I think, “kill em’ with kindness” but then I’m like “don’t let people walk all over you, have some respect for yourself!” Then I can’t decide..?!

Okay, I think that’s enough for now. Hope you all enjoyed reading my brain!


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