Callans First Haircut


Alright, so this wasn’t something that happened today or even last week for that matter I have just been so busy I haven’t gotten a free second to share with you Callan first haircut! 

Dominicks aunt, Allie who we call ‘Bubba’ or as Callan says ‘Bubby’, is a phenomenal hair stylist at Wheeler Davis Salon. If you want good hair, you go to Bubba. So I immediately thought of her when I decided that Callans front hairs were in her eyes and falling in her face way too much that it was time we give them a little trim and add some bangs! 

The whole thing was so stinkin’ cute! She put her in the big chair with the black robe and everything. I was a little nervous Callan wasn’t going to like getting her hair cut or she would move a lot but she loved it and sat very still the whole time. She was making silly faces at herself in the mirror and couldn’t wipe the little smerk from her face, my little mama heart could hardly handle it! 

We just trimmed her bangs and left the back of her hair, maybe just straightened out the back but not a lot. After, Bubba styled it in some cute little buns and our day was made! 

Of course, once we were all done and trying to get a cute after picture in the salon she decided that the fun was over and lost it. 

Hair Stylist- @nobad_hairdays

Salon-Wheeler Davis Salon


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