Museum of Ice Cream


To a kid museums sound pretty boring, that is until they made a museum all about ice cream! 

Los Angeles opened a pop up Museum of Ice Cream this year that was only supposed to stay for a couple months, but it did so well they extended their time here and we were lucky enough to get tickets! And I knew Callan wouldn’t mind if I dragged here to a place where she got to eat all kind of treats and swim in a pool of sprinkles;) 

Here’s some of the fun we had during our visit…

Hello…calling all ice cream lovers!

One of the first room we went through was the banana room, it was so much fun! The wall paper smelt like bananas, you could swing and there was a ton of hanging bananas, it was just bananas!!

The next room over was the mint room. They gave us some mint chocolate chip mochi balls when we walked in and had two long planters going down the room. Inside they were growing mint leaves and for the soil they used cocoa mulch, which we learned could be used for soil for pretty much all plants!

Finally, we made it to the very anticipated pool of sprinkles! Although, to be honest I was a little disappointment. They let in a group of people at a time and we happen to be in a really big group and the pool was a lot smaller than we imagined so it was pretty crammed in there, not very much room to play or take a picture. Also, not to mention the people who were trying to have legit photo shoots were getting upset with people getting in their shot. But, it was still a cool experience to play in a pool of sprinkles either way!

& we had to end our trip with a giant ice cream cone to take home!

Thanks for having us Museum of Ice Cream and making all my Willy Wonka Chocolate Factory esk dreams come true!


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