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Last weekend, I attended the very first ever Babychella. It was so nuts ! Adorable babes in flower crowns and lots of activities everywhere you looked. It happened to be on one of the hottest days and was packed so I was happy I decided not to bring Callan. Plus, I actually had a chance to stop and look at all the cute shops and booths without worrying if my little boho babe was off chasing bubbles or something haha ! Anyways, I scored this adorable little handmade wooden camera for Callan and I got to meet the women who made it! That’s one of my favorite parts about shopping small businesses, because you really get to see who is behind all of it, its way more personal and meaningful.

When I saw this camera I knew Callan would love it, she’s always using our phones or something similar to pretend taking our picture, so I knew I couldn’t leave without it. If you want to get a camera for your own little one or someone you know might want one, head over to her site here, and check them out !

Also, I’ve received lots of messages about where Callans blue and white stripped shirt (worn in the pictures below) is from and it’s from a shop called Tot Mart, also a small shop we meet at Babychella. They have a ton of the cutest clothes, it was hard to narrow it down. You can shop them here.

You Don’t Know Me

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Okay, I try and keep it pretty real and positive on here for the most part (haven’t fully opened up about everything-not that ready to yet) but I have to talk about something that’s been really burning me up and can’t stop thinking about.

The other night while I was working, I ran into someone I used to hangout with for a little before I had Callan, went on a few dates here and there but just didn’t really click. Anyways, I was polite and asked how he has been and he said good. Then he gave me this weird look and asked me, “So, how’s the whole baby thing working out? Must be really hard.” In probably the most judgmental way possible. There are so many other ways you can ask about my child, (who is pretty much perfect without question) than to ask with a look in your face like I’ve made some sort of mistake or something. Nonetheless, I didn’t want to make a big deal about it, especially at work so I replied with a “really good, she’s seriously the best.” Then he goes on to say something along the lines of, “well there’s a difference between a good kid and and easy kid. I’m sure it’s pretty hard.”… I could not believe I was even having this conversation. I couldn’t help but laugh and walk away at that point.

First of all, Callan is seriously thee best thing that has ever happened in my life and I wouldn’t change a single thing about her, the timing, her father, nothing. She’s absolutely perfect and I’ve never once looked at her like she was some sort of burden or mistake. She only continues to make my life brighter and happier every single day. Secondly, sure we have some hard days and I’m not going to lie and say I’ve never sat in my car and cried when sometimes it gets to be a lot but I’m only human and sometimes you have to let it out in order to reset.

But to stand there and judge me like you know my life and assume it must be really hard because I’m a young mom who isn’t married or anything, is so just plain rude and naive. I have such an unbelievable support system and family who constantly shower Callan with love and wanting to help out. I have no need for that kind of negative energy in my life about something so positive like a child.

Maybe the ones who judge only think the way they do because they have never experienced the love a parent has for a child and can’t even wrap their head around what they are actually missing. You carry this blessing in your body, surrendering it to be stretched and expanded in way you didn’t think possible, for this little person you haven’t even met yet because you already have this crazy love for them right from the start. Then, you see their little face and all their tiny features, and can’t even fathom how you have created something so unbelievably perfect. It won’t be until you have a kid of your own that you begin to understand and appreciate why your parents did the things that they did and made the choices they did until you are holding this precious little mini version of yourself, and don’t know what you would do if anything bad happened to them.

So bottom line, don’t judge someone based on what statistics say or what you think is right, because in reality you have no idea. Boy bye.


Callan These Days

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  • Talking like crazy, and slowly getting more and more understandable. My favorite is “snuggle you” and “I vee you”. Although, some still need some work, fox for example comes out as “F*$%”…
  • Favorite shoes to wear are her rain boots, that are too big but she still prefers them over any other shoe. Probably because she knows so can stomp in the mud and puddles in them without a care.
  • Tells everyone to “go sleep” so she can scare them awake but if you tell her to go to sleep, Callan pats her tummy, turns her head to the side and will tell you “no I go sleep” with a concerned look on her face.
  • Favorite food is blueberry “fuffins” aka muffins and if you offer her berries, chances are she will finish the entire container.
  • Loves to have detangler sprayed in her hair but will fight taking a bath or shower like her life depended on it.
  • Obsessed with disney princesses. Sometimes we can’t leave until all her pockets are stuffed with as many princesses as her jacket and hands can hold. Calls Pocahontas “Hummas” and Rapunzel is “Punzol”
  • Callan will wake me up by either softly patting my checks and saying “mama mama mama” or kissing my cheeks followed by “I vee you more” as in i love you more, which is literally the best way to wake up everyday!
  • We moved her kitchen into her room and ever since then she has been cooking up a storm and has turned into the best barista ever, always making me coffee!
  • Whenever Callan sees my essential oils, she wants to have them put on her. (We have kids friendly roll ons, don’t worry people) Then puts them on everyone else too.
  • Always trying to make me take my hair out of a pony tail or bun so she can play with it, which is pretty much one big knot but I love it.

Project You & Me

Family + Baby
Processed with VSCO with a4 preset

Processed with VSCO with a4 preset

YOU: just turned two and suddenly you’re so grown up. You’re speaking more clearly these days, that or I’m just starting to understand your language better ? You love to tackle and body slam all the time. Sleeping in your big girl bed has been so exciting. You love to get cozy under the covers, tuck yourself and your babies in and go to sleep. You don’t quite sleep in your bed the whole time but at least until the middle of the night or early morning before moving to mommys bed. You are such an artist, always wanting to draw and paint (even all over the closet doors…). You are the sweetest little mama to your baby dolls; hugging & kissing them, checking their diapers if they went “poo poo” or are “stinky”. You rock them and always share your food in case they are hungry. You tell mommy when something scary and you always try and scare everyone else with big “rawwwww” scream! Starting to argue with me about things you don’t want to do or things you don’t want to wear so we are learning how to respectfully voice your opinion without throwing a tantrum. You love Winnie the Pooh and pretty much any Disney movie now which makes going to Disneyland so much fun !
ME: Almost done with this semester of school and excited for a little bit of a break before it starts again. Cannot wait for the Christmas festivities to commence, kicking things off with tree decorating and Christmas movies on repeat. Also, pretty much the only thing I listen to in the car now is the Christmas music  that started playing before thanksgiving. Was thinking about growing my hair out again but as soon as it went too long past my shoulders, I couldn’t stand it and decided short hair fits me better now. I’m starting to find more time for myself these days and realize that it’s okay to be okay from Callan every now and then. I have this urge to totally purge my closet and all my random stuff that I don’t think I can live without that is now starting to just feel like baggage I don’t need anymore. Wanting to spend more time with other moms that have kids close to Callans age because well, it would probably be good for both of us. Also, trying to be better about posting more on the blog and a wider variety of topics because why not ?


Disney Days

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A few years ago, I was an annual Disneyland pass holder. After I had Callan I decided I would wait to renew it until she was a little bit older and could actually go on rides, makes sense right ? So, this October I decided this was our year ! We renewed our passes & I am so happy about it ! We’ve already gone so many times, and it’s a great place to go to get out of the house and burn off some of Callans crazy energy. Here are some pictures of our last trip !

Callan is always so excited to meet any of the princess or characters but gets so shy and starstruck when she is actually there. It’s so funny, she gives them a big huge but won’t smile or say anything and when its time to take a picture she can’t stop looking at their hands, like she’s so surprised they are actually hugging her, it so funny/cute !