The Saguaro Palm Springs

Family + Baby



Special thank you to Courtney Paige Photography for capturing all these sweet moments with my sweet girl.

Outfit Details:

Shirt via Mate the Label (unfortunately they no longer have this exact tank but they have tons of other great options!)

Swim via Beach Riot and you can find the bottoms here but I can’t find the top I paired it with anymore, so here is the original top to the set!

Callan’s Swim via Tori Praver Keiki-Kids


The Saguaro Palm Springs (seriously to die, it’s so cute!)

Project Me & You

Family + Baby

You: Having full conversations about pretty much everything and saying the funniest stuff, cracking everyone up on the daily. Streaks just about every chance you can, running through the house chanting “nakey baby nakey baby”! You are always very concerned about any “ouchie” you see on yourself or anyone else and needs to treat it with lots of bandaides and kisses. Not to mention, you are is also very persistent with checkups to see how it’s healing, it’s actually very sweet. Jumping off everything you can, giving mom multiple heart attacks a day. Will greet people as they walk by with “hi, my names Cowin” everywhere we go. Obsessed with sticks and leaves, always have to have your hands full of em’ (I swear between all the sticks, leaves, and sand we collect from the beach, our car is always a disaster). Pretending to fish off the back of the couch is the fun new game, that and playing in grandmas pillows is hours of fun, seriously who needs toys? Is usually the first to reach out her hands to say grace when we sit down together for dinner and the loudest the say Amen at the end, throwing her hands up in the air (one of the best parts about our nighttime routine). 

Me: Trying to decide if I want to keep growing my hair out or chop it again (leaning towards the chop, what do you think?). Getting antsy about our family’s upcoming Vegas trip (sans baby) because mamas ready to let loose for a weekend, can I get some praise hands my party people?! Got a new job at a gym so, forcing my toast lovin’, half & half drinking booty to sweat off some extra lbs I’ve added because well, swim suit season is upon us and Callans dinner of choose is Mac n’ Cheese… Been really into hats lately but no where to put them when they aren’t  on my head so it’s kind of becoming an issue. On the lookout for a cute bike to cruise around on without breaking the bank, if anyone has any suggestions of where I could find one, let me know! Classes are out and seriously debating if I’m going to do another semester because I don’t know if I can go through another online coding or web security class without ripping my hair out. Thinking about some family vacays to go on this Summer, maybe even just a good ole fashion beach camping trip would be fun! Overall, feeling really good about how everything is going in life right now and excited about the future, whatever it has in store for us.

Palm Springs 


This week me and Cal packed our bags and headed for sunny Palm Springs! We had a little Mother’s Day photoshoot planned with the amazing Courtney Paige (which I’ll share later), and decided to make a girls trip getaway out of it, at least for the night.

Whenever I would go to Palm Springs as a kid I always looked forward to passing the giant dinosaurs on the way. One time we stopped to see them in all their glory, it was so fun seeing them up close I knew Callan would love it too! 

Before we left for our trip I was telling her all about these big dinosaurs and talking them up about how cool they were. We pulled up and she was just waking up from her nap, she looked out the window and saw this big green dinosaur out the back of the car window, she had the most confused look on her face like “is this even real, am I awake?!” It so was funny, she couldn’t wait to see more and I have to say it is probably the best $10 I’ve ever spent. Everything she saw was the greatest thing ever, I can’t even count how many times she said “ohhh look at dat!” and “mom c’mon let’s go look at dat” she couldn’t get enough, leading me all around! That’s one of the best parts about being a parent, blowing your kids mind and watching them get so excited.

Although, the really big ones were a little intimidating. When I asked her to stand in front of it so I could take her picture, this is what I got…

The Cabazon Dinosaurs are a must see for sure. They have fossil digs the kids can do where they get a prize if they find a dinosaur done in the sand, you can pan for gold, and we even got inside of the giant green dinosaurs (show below) and look through the mouth at the top! In the gift shop, they even have dinosaurs that move, (kind of scary kind of cool)!

Once we were done there it was time to check in to our room at the The Saguaro Hotel. If your looking for a super cute, fun, colorful place to stay in Palm Springs, this is it! 

Everyone there is so friendly and nice, they even upgraded our room for free when we got there! 

Callan loved it too, she was so excited about everything, I think because it was so colorful! 

Plus, they have little grass areas on both sides of the pool to hangout in. One side had bocce ball and hammocks, the other had corn hole games to play. 

The pool even had floaties and fun beach balls for the pool so Callan was loving it! If your traveling with kids, I would recommend going during the week because the weekends it can get pretty loud and crazy. They have a DJ and a big pool party going on so it’s not super kid friendly. We came on Wednesday so it was super mellow which was perfect. 

After we were done at the pool, we headed down to the hotel restaurant for some dinner. Little did we know, it was also drag guest bingo night. It was hilarious and little vulgar at times but, Callan thought it was hilarious. She even joined in on the fun and was cheering for people when they got bingo and laughing at the drag queens jokes, it was a good time. 

I’ll be honest, I was a little nervous going on an over night trip just me and Callan in a hotel but I felt really safe here, I’ll definitely be coming back for another visit (maybe sans baby for a weekend trip, heyyyy)! 

They had other fun things like free yoga classes you could take and bikes you could take out and cruis around in! 

Callans First Haircut


Alright, so this wasn’t something that happened today or even last week for that matter I have just been so busy I haven’t gotten a free second to share with you Callan first haircut! 

Dominicks aunt, Allie who we call ‘Bubba’ or as Callan says ‘Bubby’, is a phenomenal hair stylist at Wheeler Davis Salon. If you want good hair, you go to Bubba. So I immediately thought of her when I decided that Callans front hairs were in her eyes and falling in her face way too much that it was time we give them a little trim and add some bangs! 

The whole thing was so stinkin’ cute! She put her in the big chair with the black robe and everything. I was a little nervous Callan wasn’t going to like getting her hair cut or she would move a lot but she loved it and sat very still the whole time. She was making silly faces at herself in the mirror and couldn’t wipe the little smerk from her face, my little mama heart could hardly handle it! 

We just trimmed her bangs and left the back of her hair, maybe just straightened out the back but not a lot. After, Bubba styled it in some cute little buns and our day was made! 

Of course, once we were all done and trying to get a cute after picture in the salon she decided that the fun was over and lost it. 

Hair Stylist- @nobad_hairdays

Salon-Wheeler Davis Salon

Balboa Island 


Day trippin’ with my two favorites never gets old. This time we headed to the cute little Balboa Island where we rode ferries wheels, eat giant chocolate frozen bananas, and got to hang out in the quiet little harbor playing in the sand. Our day was mellow but oh so good, couldn’t get any more perfect.