The Holiday Card I Never Send

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These pictures were made possible by Hannah Morgan  & Starbursts…





Project Me & You

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ME: Working more hours than I have in my entire life between two jobs and being a mom. Ironically, trying to slowly cut coffee out of my diet even with the lack of sleep I get, just because I think it would be better for my health. Really considering going back to school, just trying to work out the scheduling. Trying to get outside and travel as much as I possibly can because life is about freakin’ living my friends! Hustled to get a passport in time for an upcoming trip because a new law required it for all flights including domestic, only for the effective date to get pushed back until 2020. Awesome. Chopped my locks and go back and fourth between if I should keep it short or grow it back out because I kind of miss it every now and then. Also, go brown?? Can’t decide. Upgraded to Spotify premium and wondering why it ever took me so long, especially with my music ADD. Thinking about upgrading my car as well. Can feel it in my bones that 2018 is going to be real good to me.

YOU: Cooking up a storm in your play kitchen on the daily. Rearranging all your toys and putting them around the house in very specific, random spots you think they should be. Talk about baby brothers and baby sisters all the time and asked if we could get one from Target. Collects boxes and needs to bring at least one with us where ever we go. Most of the time you start your sentences with “Sometimes I…” and tells me “that’s enough” when you want me to stop doing something like brush your hair. When you get caught doing something you’re not supposed to be doing you immediately say “nothing.” and hide the evidence. Still a picky eater but starting to really take a liking to chicken and fancy cheese plates. Will sit and watch the bachelor with me and during the rose ceremony will call me up to except a rose from you…of course I accept every time. Decided you didn’t want to wear diapers one day and potty trained yourself like it was nothing. Will call me from the other room just to tell me you love me.


The Saguaro Palm Springs

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Special thank you to Courtney Paige Photography for capturing all these sweet moments with my sweet girl.

Outfit Details:

Shirt via Mate the Label (unfortunately they no longer have this exact tank but they have tons of other great options!)

Swim via Beach Riot and you can find the bottoms here but I can’t find the top I paired it with anymore, so here is the original top to the set!

Callan’s Swim via Tori Praver Keiki-Kids


The Saguaro Palm Springs (seriously to die, it’s so cute!)


Family + Baby

Last weekend, I attended the very first ever Babychella. It was so nuts ! Adorable babes in flower crowns and lots of activities everywhere you looked. It happened to be on one of the hottest days and was packed so I was happy I decided not to bring Callan. Plus, I actually had a chance to stop and look at all the cute shops and booths without worrying if my little boho babe was off chasing bubbles or something haha ! Anyways, I scored this adorable little handmade wooden camera for Callan and I got to meet the women who made it! That’s one of my favorite parts about shopping small businesses, because you really get to see who is behind all of it, its way more personal and meaningful.

When I saw this camera I knew Callan would love it, she’s always using our phones or something similar to pretend taking our picture, so I knew I couldn’t leave without it. If you want to get a camera for your own little one or someone you know might want one, head over to her site here, and check them out !

Also, I’ve received lots of messages about where Callans blue and white stripped shirt (worn in the pictures below) is from and it’s from a shop called Tot Mart, also a small shop we meet at Babychella. They have a ton of the cutest clothes, it was hard to narrow it down. You can shop them here.

Callan These Days

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If you follow me on Instagram, you’ve probably seen my monthly updates on Callan but ever since she turned one I stopped placing her next to a number made with flowers because lets face it, theres no way she would lay down for a picture, I can hardly get one that isn’t blurry these days! Just because I don’t take those pictures anymore doesn’t mean I can’t keep you guys updated on what she’s doing though! So, for all those who are wondering, heres what my 16 month old Callan Paisley has been up to!

  1. She can show you were her ears, nose, belly button, eyes, hair, and teeth are and will probably point them out on you as well.
  2. Says dog, dada, mama, eye and will blow you kisses and wave as you leave or if she’s tired as in “bye I’m going to sleep now” haha
  3. Is getting teeth all over the place, lots of back teeth and now the front ones are starting to catch up.
  4. Obsessed with the movie Frozen, her buggy car, playing outside and exploring in the grass and dirt. Every time we go for a walk she stops and picks up these spiky ball things that fall from the neighbors tree. She also loves her baby doll, Winnie the Pooh, and an old Mickey Mouse stuffed animal that used to be my sisters when she was a baby. Even though Callan has all the toys in the world, she isn’t very good at sharing them with others.
  5. Always busy in her kitchen making all kinds of food and drinking tea. Callan will even takes her plates and pretend to wash them in the sink ! She always takes her plates to our dog Bear, and sets up a little picnic for the two of them (its so cute!).
  6. Loves to read but kind of has book ADD and can never wait to Finnish the book we are reading before she grabs another.
  7. Points out any dog and cat she sees and tries to pet and hug them. She waves to people as they pass, even in cars.
  8. She goes back and forth between being a total snacker and being hungry all day to being a very dainty eater and not wanting to eat anything. Although, she is always up for pizza and mac n’ cheese…must get it from her mama 😉 When she does eat she likes couscous, peas, chicken, yogurt, pancakes, and any kind of fruit.
  9. Still doesn’t have very much hair and is still just an itty bitty thing. She weights in at a whopping 17 pounds and usually wears size 6-12.
  10. Loves to dance and run around but hates to sleep, but whats new?
  11. Callan can wink and if Dom says “mess with the bull, you get the horns” she will make horns with her hands and put them on top of her head. She is working on snapping and making a peace sign.
  12. Whenever she finds money on the floor or around the house she will pick it up and take it to her piggy bank, put it in and start to clap. She’s very proud of herself and so are we !

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